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100 epic images from Hubble Space Telescope

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73 Responses to “100 epic images from Hubble Space Telescope”

  1. Trev says:

    Switching my wallpaper everyday for a hundred days. Awesome stuff.

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  4. Alexander says:

    awesome, absolutely awesome picture. Incredible to imagine that these things are in the space around us.

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  6. Dadeaux says:

    Really cool pics, but… couldn’t you add the objects’ names?

  7. Sakib says:

    Simply awesome collection.

  8. TimeTraveller says:

    the title picture is awesome….but i’m interested to know what I’m looking at. Is there a link to the original image so I can get some info on the subject..?


  9. admin says:

    @Timetraveller: You can find the name of the photo in the URL, e.g.

    “Pillars of Creation”.

    We’ll have a more “usable” system set up soon :)

  10. Kenna says:

    It’s out of this world — thanks for sharing!!

  11. CyberWolf08 says:

    Does anyone have a download link for the entire collection, because i want to add it to my Win7 background collection

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  13. donna says:

    We live in such a gorgeous universe!

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  20. Alejandro says:

    Orgasmic pictures.

  21. Lotte says:

    Eggnebula and boomerangnebula are beautiful, but scary. I don’t like to think about the universe and the size of it. Scares me.

  22. Flesheater says:

    Amazing, hard to believe these are real photos.
    It’s great to see the science fiction we create, can actually be found out there.

  23. Tsad says:

    Why don’t you mention that these pictures are enhanced and the colors are dubbed in representing different elements or compounds, or is the truth too boring for publication.

  24. Lyuso says:

    that’s Beautiful!!!

  25. philip says:

    simply breathtaking!

  26. Alvarson says:

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  27. kadir says:

    awesome picture, thanks to Allah

  28. Neil says:

    Very nice collection! Long live Hubble! If the last set of components lasted this long, hopefully many more wonderful images of the universe will come back in the next ten years. Then, put that in the Smithsonian!

  29. Friktion12 says:

    I’m with CYBERWOLF08, is there a way to download all of the renders in one lump? I am also interested in having them all to cycle as a wallpaper.

  30. Sidney says:

    These are so cool, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that stuff like that is out there, actually happening, y’know what I mean?

  31. Bob says:

    Imagine those dust pictures, 1 dot is a universe. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

  32. DEVADOSS ESWAR says:

    This is only a tiny fraction of your Majesty revealed to the mankind !
    Tamaso Maa Jyothirgamayaa !

  33. Heidi B McGuire says:

    Pure Excitement!

  34. jerry says:

    existencia de Deus

  35. John Smith says:

    Makes you wonder… how small are we really? what if all we know, is nothing but a piece of dust somewhere..

  36. Scarlet says:

    this is beautiful and amazing the universe is huge. there is soo much out there.

  37. Friktion says:

    @Aleks: Are you saying that the pictures which would be near indiscernible from random space debris are *gasp* altered in order to make them stand out? *waits for shocked gasps to end*

    You need to ask yourself why the colors are added. Is NASA selling these pictures on the interstellar black market for funding or are you just a dolt?

  38. RaghavaRao.A says:

    Amazing and wonderful.

  39. meiliken says:


    Actually, he’s no dolt. Insults are unbecoming. He merely stated fact. The colors are indeed added to all the photos taken by NASA with photshop or other photo enhancing software. Not knowing the reality of the situation and making an assumption is also unbecoming.

  40. meiliken says:

    Sorry, I meant Friktion

  41. Azs says:

    Это охуенно!

  42. Friktion says:


    If I said the pictures are enhanced to make them more perceivable, I would be stating a fact. If I said “colors are wonderful, too bad they’re fake” I’m being a dolt. It is obvious information which doesn’t need to be said. You might as well mention that the colors are more enhanced by your computer than an etch-a-sketch.

    Ultimately, trying to rain on people’s parade by saying something isn’t real when it’s already obvious is what I disagree with. Sorry if that offends you, but if it does, why do you care what I think anyway?

  43. akaname guitar sadist says:

    stop bitching you stupid pricks

    the colour is added so that we can ‘see’ the identities being pictured… if it were a collection of images in their raw, we would not see anything… our eyes only perceive a mere fraction of true reality.

    all you people arguing is testament to how small we REALLY ARE!!


  44. emstro says:

    TSAD said:

    “Why don’t you mention that these pictures are enhanced and the colors are dubbed in representing different elements or compounds, or is the truth too boring for publication.”

    The truth could never be as boring as you, Tsad. The colour in ALL photographic images is an approximation, and even if these pictures were in black and white (which I’ve actually tried) they would still be spectacular.

  45. TrinidadLago says:

    Lo más hermosos es pensar q nuestras celulas son como esas imagenes, somos tan grandes como el mismo universo, micro-macrocosmos!

    If they are or not, if they Photoshop or not… is there god, really, just be a kid again and enjoy!
    Love, peace and wellbeing!

  46. Davy says:

    Epic Images? Extraordinary, perhaps. Not “epic”.



    1. of epic poetry: celebrating the adventures and achievements of a legendary or traditional hero, in elevated language
    Milton’s “Paradise Lost” is an epic poem.

    2. in style of epic poetry: having some of the characteristics of an epic
    an epic story of true love and adventure

    3. very large or heroic: impressive by virtue of greatness of size, scope, or heroism
    a scandal of epic proportions

    [Late 16th century. Via Latin< Greek epikos< epos "word, song," from ep-, stem of eipein "to say"]

  47. JJ says:

    Love it… simply loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  48. dlwtjr says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the pics had captions so we knew what we were looking at?

  49. carlos menica says:

    My god! When will the word “epic” stop being used? Jesus!! I’m so tired of hearing this word used to describe everything. Be original.

  50. Friktion says:

    Technically epic is appropriate. As Davy pointed out the definition of epic is, “impressive by virtue of size”. Few things are larger than a galaxy. The images may not be epic, but their contents sure are.

  51. Sonali says:

    Superb pics……

  52. Maryanne says:

    Enough said. Are we all not guilty of enhancing photographs to bring out the best in them? Is there any difference between enhancing what we know is there to make it more enjoyable and enhancing what we would not otherwise see to make it more enjoyable? I think not. Loved these photos!

  53. ellen says:

    these pics would be so much cooler if they were real

  54. Jessy says:

    Awesome photos, are the colors original or photoshopped?

  55. rwb says:

    re: akaname guitar sadist
    Thanks you for taking the words right out of my mouth. Everyone should forget about the technicalogically enhanced way we view the world, from our mobile phones to our big screen tv’s and look at what’s WAY out there! If you want to see the wonders that Hubble has been sending us in REAL color, find a place where the lights of the cities we live near are not blocking your view, look up at the sky and you’ll see that even without Photoshop, PC or Mac, we can glimps the “heavens” in true color. Blah blah blah… Just look up and love the universe!

  56. Shana says:

    I love the photos. They are magnificent and amazing. I’d love a way to view them as a slideshow on your website, but I’m not seeing a way to do that.

  57. farhad says:

    fantastic.imagine there might be life in those galaxies other humans maybe with different body style but have brain like us may be they try to find life on other planets like us may be they think what we think maybe they are compeletly look like us the same planet the same city style same languages same cultures ……
    (excuse me if i had grammer problem because my first language is not English)

  58. omar says:

    there must be God !!

  59. Cooking says:

    This is really great. I haven’t seen such clear pictures of the galaxy. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Mr Fixit says:

    I don’t understand why adding color for ease of distinguishing details is such a problem for some people. The medical community is using NASA’s process to enhance mammograms to better visual cancer cells. Please don’t tell me that that because of this that boobies aren’t real. That would really ruin things for me.
    See the link.

  61. Tanner says:

    For all of those wanting captions, they’re in the mouseover text.

  62. Tommy Rieves says:

    Very good written information. It will be useful to anyone who usess it, including me. Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

  63. zahra says:


  64. byncKeentee says:

    Hey all,

    I barely inaugurate how to download maplestory. I went to and it worked!


  65. Kiki says:

    Hmm.. well these images were viewed by my class in chemistry and our teacher MrBooth said if these were real it would be one of the most amazing and wonderful creations of real acctivity in our MilkyWay.(sorry for my spelling, im only 13 x])

  66. Wow, these are amazing images! Space is such a vast, wondrous place.

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