About the artwork

Fantasy art by Brad Rigney USA. Download image.

Quote from the artist:
"This was without question THE toughest piece ive illustrated yet.
For starters this is at about 40-50% of the original image size, i.e. lifesize. If you brought it up to 100% your head would be the same size in relation to the characters.
Also I couldn't use any cinematic trickery for this; no dutch-tilt on the camera or super dynamic angled poses - just a straight ahead, full-body character piece.

I totally underestimated how hard stuff like this truely is and I can honestly say I learned more about my weaknesses working on just this piece alone than I have in the past 3 years.

Art Direction: Jeremy Jarvis, without doubt one of the coolest guys ive met in the industry to date. This guy really KNOWS his stuff and has been instrumental in my growth over the past year.

Best wishes to you all, Brad"

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