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99 Amazing Video Game Art & Wallpapers

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15 Responses to “99 Amazing Video Game Art & Wallpapers”

  1. Excellent Wallpapers, please share with us more

  2. K says:

    There’s a problem with a few photos three spots from the bottom, like Uncharted. They are linking to some other page.

  3. administrator says:

    what page are they linking to? Thanks for reporting.

  4. several are mislabeled but its a pretty boss collection

  5. administrator says:

    Thanks. Many were submissions we will try to improve in future posts.

  6. lol says:

    Is it just me or is the Gears of War missing?

  7. lol says:

    Oh, found it, my bad.
    But there could have been more.

  8. shapewear says:

    I find that wallpaper with the orc being the best

  9. KurdBoy says:

    WoW … Nice Very Nice

  10. Wallpaper says:

    God of War is the best!

  11. inspiration says:

    wow, these images so dramatic.. I love them,, Thanks..

  12. DUDE says:

    the best is eithier bad company or MW2

  13. These are all incredible! I shared this with my followers as well!

  14. I absolutely love Halo, and Gear of War! Cant wait for the new Gears in September!

  15. Jared says:

    nice… have new pic sir?

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