About the artwork

Videogame art by Patrick Brown, Australia. Download full wallpaper sized image here.

From the artist:
Damn that was a big job! Haha but well worth it, I think I've been on this for over two weeks!

After playing through GTA IV again I really just felt like doing something HUGE on it :D So I decided to make this "tribute" to the game, something that showed almost all the characters of GTA IV and some of the highlights of missions.

I've learnt so much more while creating this, I think there's almost 30 characters involved in it haha! So you can imagine how much drawing and coloring was done!

You'll notice I've also added parts of the Downloadable episodes with Johnny Klebitz (Lostand Damned) and Luis Lopez (upcoming Ballads of Gay Tony). But I mainly focused on the original game!

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this, Please let me know what you all think? ;)

Thanx -Pat

PS sorry for not adding Eddie Low haha!

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