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Sci-fi wallpaper of the week #32

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3 Responses to “Sci-fi wallpaper of the week #32”

  1. Mark Knox says:

    the image above is so cool, as an aspiring creative writer, i have delved into the realm of sci-fi. i think there should be more like this one … thumbs up to the artist.

  2. Mark Knox says:

    hopefully one day, i’ll see my universe of superheroes and more grace the fae of cyberspace. i have so much that has yet to be developed and released upon the world.

  3. Mark Knox says:

    i am currently working on a short story pertaining to my sci-fi erotic character
    star huntress, she is a futuristic black alien sex goddess, on the run from an
    alien empire … i hope that some day, this character will be the first of her kind to spring thru the world of erotic science fantasy.

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