About the artwork

Sci-fi art byKai Lim, Singapore. Download full image here.

From the artist: ">>log AR*EMIS COMM*ND
--SDATE 01/08/2443-*

Abandoned, forgotten for centuries... by the ever-expanding exo-frontier of mankind.

Survivors. We are all that is left of our once proud harvest fleet, protecting our Earthly crimson banner against the horrors of the planet we came here to claim. It is the only thing that reminds us of our purpose, steeling our hearts for the long, bloody road ahead.

When our weapons ran dry and the automated factories went to sleep, our leaders took the last lifepods... abandoning us to the dust and the wind, promising to return for us should we ever lay claim to this savage planet.

Have faith, my hunters, for they will return to us once our task is complete. Till then, live on your anger and your hate.

This planet, and many more, will be ours for the taking.


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