About the artwork

Fantasy art by Edwin Rhemrev, Netherlands. Software: Photoshop CS3. Download larger image.

Artist's description:
"It's a miracle I managed to finish it, as this image has been on my hard drive for months. I hardly go back to images I've lost interest in, but I opened up this one during my Christmas holidays, and decided to make one last effort. The image is a result of me playing too many games like TombRaider and Uncharted, which inspired me to come up with this image. My goal was to create an image that would introduce my own temple looting character, and also show a glimpse of possible gameplay. I struggled most with the background and how to get the perspective right, it wasn't until I tilted the horizon that things started to look like something :) I'm also still looking for a cool name for this character, so if you have a suggestion, let me know! :D"

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